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Combining Different Types of Curtains in Osborne Park

It’s hard to choose between a multitude of curtains for your Osborne Park space. So, why not combine them? These soft and magical fabrics have unrivalled elegance that helps in giving dull spaces a quick facelift. To help you, here are some ways you can layer different types of curtains:

  • Double or Triple Curtain Rod
    This is the easiest way to combine and layer curtains. All you must do is place one curtain on each pole and you’re done!
  • Single Curtain Rod
    Although this option cannot provide satisfying control and ease of installation, single rods can still hold beautifully layered curtains. Most homeowners place sheer curtains in the middle to create an attractive look.
Curtains Osborne Park
Curtains Osborne Park

Superior Quality Curtains You Can Find in Osborne Park

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial area in Osborne Park, any space can be immediately transformed if you place curtains by your window. Our team of experts will assist you every step of the way, from consultation, measuring, selecting materials to the finishing touches. In addition to that, we will offer our wealth of knowledge, which has been accumulated throughout our 30 years of experience. Pairing these with leading and trusted brands, all our clients have been satisfied by experiencing long-lasting solutions.

With our end-result approach to service, client’s satisfaction is placed on the top of our minds. To accomplish this, our founder Craig will put in his experience to make sure you receive the best window treatment. In addition to that, clients who are unsure of designs can relax as we house talented and skilful interior designers. They can help you arrive at a decision that exceeds your expectations.

Find Curtains Perfect for Your Space in Osborne Park

At Paramount Curtains & Blinds, we are committed to offering our clients in Osborne Park only the best designs. These designs and the current trends include:

  • Neutral and Earthy Coloured Fabrics
    As far as trends go, these colours never go out of style. Blush tones now seem like a thing of the past since warmer tones such as tan, rust, and terracotta took over. Along with those, dusty blues and pastel plum tones are becoming the next hot thing in the interior designing industry.
  • Prints and Patterns
    Adding prints and patterns can express personality in any home. That’s why it’s unsurprising that they are making a comeback in this year’s curtain trends. More and more people also appreciate bold and textured designs that give more life to a space.
  • Custom-Made Curtains
    As homeowners realise the value of a cosy interior, there’s been an increasing number of made-to-measure curtains.
Curtains Osborne Park

Whether you’re leaning towards ready-made or custom-made curtains for your Osborne Park property, we can help you find the right product. Call us today for a quick consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be the one to do my measure and quote?
Yes. Craig and Zac are with you every step of the way and will be the ones visiting your home for the measure and then returning to do the fitting.
How soon can you measure my home?
We will complete your measure and quote as quickly as possible. Please call us direct and let’s fit you into this week!
How quickly can you make my curtains and blinds?
Depending on the size of the job, most turn around time is a maximum of 6 weeks for fully customised curtains and blinds.


Kind words from our loyal customers

I have been using Paramount curtains and Blinds for a number of years now for display homes and private jobs. I have always found their service to be reliable, great value for money and excellent quality. I have recommended them with confidence on many occasions.

Kristy Trager

Ben Trager Homes

We were fortunate to be referred to Paramount Curtains and Blinds through a friend. My husband and I were impressed how knowledgeable, helpful and professional Craig is and how this has translated to beautiful curtains, blinds and shutters in our home. Craig has a wide variety of sample materials, however his strong product knowledge, ability to understand and interpret what we wanted, great design eye and ability  to explain why he made certain recommendation made our selection process easy and enjoyable. Zac who works with Craig, is also well informed, helpful and supportive. They are a great team.

Sue-Ellen Morphett

Home Owner

Craig has installed the window treatments in my display homes for many years and I honestly can’t fault him! What I love most about using Craig is that he provides me with guidance and advice when selecting materials to suit the window and he also personally installs them. This is a major factor on why I use Craig as I know I have him from start to finish which a lot of competitors can’t offer.


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